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AT LEAST 2X your Real Estate Portfolio- use our experts to move your 1031 into an apartment deal with a TIC!

TODAY ONLY: NORMALLY $10,000.... NOW $1,000

What Industry Leaders Are Saying...

Build A portfolio WITHOUT Limitations...

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How does it work?

What Industry Leaders Are Saying...

"at least your 2X portfolio WITHOUT the risk and with all the returns"...guided 1031 exchange into an apartment deal!

My name is Kaylee Mcmahon and I want to show you what this course is all about & what you can achieve in just 2 days!

Your life or your business -they both belong to you so only you should decide the path they take. I know that numbers in apartment investing might seem overwhelming, especially with everything going on right now but I’m going to show you the way when you join our Underwriting Course. Built by women for women.

Over the course of 2 days, you will push yourself to your limits understanding underwriting and then break through them to...

Improve YOUR Deal Flow...

Improve YOUR INCOME and


You weren't born to be average so it’s time to leave it behind! It's time for you to step outside of your comfort zone... IT’S TIME TO challenge yourself!

Just give me 2 days and we will help you realize that YOU CAN SUCCEED in life regardless of where you are today. 

There are 1,700 millionaires created in America alone every single day. The only thing stopping YOU from being one of them is your current mindset. 

We are going to show you how to conquer that small asset mindset, set /evaluate your target markets and then create a plan for creating offers- no matter how outrageous they seem, even if it seems to go against the industry expected norms.

  • Flexible Multifamily deal analyzer to accurately analyze any multifamily deal
  • Ability to quickly compare between different business plans and see which would bring the best returns for your investors
  • Ability to compare a loan assumption versus fresh debt analysis
  • Detailed sheets for a thorough Rental comp analysis

Incorporate renovations per year into your analysis

  • Free updates of new versions

1031 exchange Testimonials


Deep Paknikar: Principle and Partner...

"Women belong in all places of opportunity and value creation. Real Estate is no exception. With the new online world there is more opportunity for women to collaborate on large scale investment projects. I believe the team's complementary skills, ability to support each other, is what got the apartment purchase to a close. It was a tough deal with many unexpected turns testing the team. No-deal was not an option for this team. Personally, it was a great learning experience working with a talented team of go-getters with a never say die attitude!”

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